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Nancy Pelosi & Media -URGENT: Trump’s Senate Impeachment Hearings need to be pacified to help MAGA.

Hon Pelosi and Hon Media:

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Hearings need to be pacified to help Make America Great Again (“MAGA”). MAGA is destined to be followed by all nations to cremate predators’ and pedophiles’ truthfully wrong illicit sexual games played by Patriarchs as politically correct blessed by all jurists and politicians alike. Even the Iron Lady of the Western World Thatcher failed to Make England Great Again (“MEGA”). The pragmatic solution to the perpetual problem created by powerful leaders in all nations is an Unbiased Executive Order (“UEO”) and an Unbiased Sex Bill (“USB”) signed into world’s first Unbiased Human Law (“UHL”) to effectuate the following.

Together, the UEO, USB and UHL shall always make the man who seeds a woman the legitimate father of the legitimate baby (“Gift of God”) if she is his wife but the illegitimate father (“Bastard Father”) if she is another man’s wife or unwed, never scapegoat Gifts of God who can do no wrong as illegitimate babies (“Bastard Babies”) and always honor women who birth and nurse boys too, knowing that not one woman is an illegitimate mother (“Bastard Mother”). Such Justice by laws correctly applied making correct factual findings has to end Injustice by laws misapplied making incorrect or erroneous aka fictional findings but for which due process of law shall not end until Injustice protecting policemen protecting rapists whose belief in women as 24/7 disposables in the grand scheme of things is reversed and corrected by the UEO, USB and UHL together.

Hon Pelosi and Hon Media together with POTUS Trump are required by law to help.

Attached scan is of legal filing made with the world’s first good-history-making pragmatic LKJMOL (A1-A4) to perpetuate the Oct 31, 2013 good-history-making judicial u-turn aka the irreversible Newly Invented Everlasting Legal Lightbulb (“NIELL”) from a NY Criminal Court.

This is the-key that opened the door for all jurists and politicians alike, helped by Honored Matriarch Pelosi and Dishonored Matriarch Martins, to help MAGA.

Justice everywhere is Injustice nowhere for everyone to live and die with a guilt-free mind thus without lying before, during and after disposing of one’s fate and property from womb to tomb and before, during and after due process of law to correctly regulate due process of life.

The Oct 31, 2013 u-turn for mandatory judicial correction is from Justice delayed (“Injustice”) by laws misapplied, misjudgments, and injurers protected and rewarded (“Evil Royalty”) to Justice now by laws correctly applied, correct judgments, and mandatory restitution by the injurers to the injureds (“Good Royalty”). It mandates correct use of scientific DNA-matches that are 99% proof, not unscientific marriages that are 0% proof, as 100% proof of both paternities and maternities for certainty ending chanciness aka happiness in litigation in all paternity, thus in all non-paternity, cases knowing they are different. It helps truthful, correct, fair and equitable thinking for sexual challenge won by lying men to end lying denying illegitimate paternities and illegitimate sex.

Injustice by lying and relying on lying is the sextillion dollar lying industry of jurists as the immunized judicial assassins (“IJAs”) and law enforcement officers (“LEOs”) working together (say to-get-her) for free illicit sex in the self-proving marriage trap made sacred, masterminded by men making women slaveminded, forcing them to marry for Gifts of Gods to be legitimate babies thus not illegitimate babies as Bastard Babies of illegitimate fathers as Bastard Fathers.

Good Royalty of mothers saying yes to undeniable maternities as Justice ends Evil Royalty of fathers saying no to undeniable paternities of babies carrying their genes as Injustice under the SCOTUS Rule 10 proving judicial animosity with unanimity against babies and mothers doing no wrong (“Injureds”) in all paternity cases and thus against others doing no wrong in almost all other cases forced to honor and respect those doing wrongs being wrongfully immunized (“Injurers”).

Jurists have to live and die with guilt retaliating against those helping all jurists scripted the truth that no one invests in Offices to serve but everyone invests millions in Offices to rule people.

Hon Media, not run by predators and pedophiles, shall make this email with its attached go viral to help Hon Pelosi to make the UEO and the USB the UHL helped by Hon Jurist Goodman.

Matriarch Marla Martins

For more information please contact me or my Attorney at below contact info.

Marla Martins

(908) 721-1088

An India and New York (US) Attorney Lalit K Jain Esq.

Law Offices of Lalit K Jain Esq

Laws correctly applied instead of misapplied as constitutionally mandated.™

​6122 Booth Street

Rego Park

Flushing NY 11374-1034

​Cell: 718-316-5921

Fon: 718-255-6576

Fax: 347-637-5498


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