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Court-Destituted Mother and Grandmother Marla Martins

The multibillion-dollar Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd aka (NYSE: RCL) committed the August 28, 2013 murder-on-the-sea of my daughter BRIANA,17, and turned a fully prepaid for dream come true family vacation of six into a still unpaid nightmare come true family destitution on the EXPLORER OF THE SEAS.  

Making the long history of judicial tyranny short, United States Magistrate Judge (USMJ) Jonathan Goodman who sells as the judicial truth judicial lies knowing that they shall always be judicial lies, my truthful lawyers who are licensed to sell their own souls, and zealous lawyers who are licensed to get paid by RCL to conceal the truth as instructed by USMJ, all three are caught negotiating on the record the 09.15.2016 secret settlement and pushing it down my throat as Evil Politics in Courts same as in Congress and Churches alike.  Congress’ bipartisan approval of judicial conspiracies like this 09.15.2016 judicial conspiracy is duly transcribed in the Court Transcript.  It imposes on Congress the mandatory duty to read it, comprehend it, condemn it, void it and ban it by bipartisan approval after learning of the Halloween Oct 31, 2013 lifting of the Baby Bastard Curse aka the BBC on everyone’s purse.     


I was forced to be my own truthful Pro se attorney-in-fact helped by my own Indian and New York Personal Attorney Lalit K Jain Esq.  Imagine, continuing legally unenforceable Orders as still ongoing judicial tyranny is also punishing me to pay zealous attorneys’ legal fees that RCL is still paying to conceal the truth to insure that USMJ Goodman never gives a legally enforceable Order that the destituted family be restituted by the destitutors killing my BRIANA, 17.

If not killed, she would now be 23, still living with us as our family member.

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What wrongs do babies do to be vindictively convicted by lawmakers, jurists, juries and zealous attorneys as bastards for doing no wrongs?



No ifs, ands/or buts, period, case closed, unless and until proved wrong by any lawmaker, jurist, jury and/or zealous attorney, more so after they have read the STOP, rightfully authored with rightful authority by LKJESQ, with A1 to A6 as an Unbiased Silver Bullet Memorandum of Law aka LKJMOL (for a printable copy click BUTTON below) with no responsive defenses because it helps all Courts to begin to resurrect freedom from wrongdoing as everyone's 20/20 Vision.  

It mandates the one and only correct interpretation of the manmade marriage and divorce aka MAD laws still misapplied by all for all Courts to never ever misjudge that

 Sperm + Egg is still not Father and Family unless the man with the sperm is also married to the woman with the egg

corrupting blood families with no authority to do so.

This evil shocks everyone’s good conscience that believes in truth but not everyone’s evil conscience that believes in lies.    

An India and New York (US) Attorney Lalit K Jain Esq.

Law Offices of Lalit K Jain Esq

Laws correctly applied instead of misapplied as constitutionally mandated.™

​6122 Booth Street

Rego Park

Flushing  NY 11374-1034

​Cell: 718-316-5921

Fon: 718-255-6576
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